An abundant, thriving life is about balance. Would you be shocked to learn that this principle applies to specific molecules in your body, too?

Nitric oxide, like oxygen, is one of the most essential molecules for your life to flourish. But did you know that the production of nitric oxide always creates one of the destructive free radical molecules in the human body? Why isn’t anyone telling you about this critical, secret relationship and what it may mean to you?

Learn about the delicate balance between nitric oxide and this dangerous free radical in this webinar!

Founder and formulator of CARDIO Miracle, John Hewlett, will share his deep knowledge of nitric oxide with you. His 14-year journey of meeting, interviewing and speaking with specialists from around the world has given him a unique and comprehensive perspective about this mysterious, miraculous and duplicitous molecule, and why it may matter to you.

After nearly losing his life to a failed hospital procedure, John has become extremely passionate about teaching others about enjoying a life full of confidence, vitality and passion — at any age.

This webinar with John Hewlett will help you:

  • Understand why endothelial-cell produced nitric oxide is key to a thriving life
  • Realize the critical role your endothelium plays in a dynamic life
  • Learn about how your blood vessel walls communicate information to your tissues
  • Increase your endothelium awareness
  • Feel confidence in taking control of your health
  • Learn about the delicate & vital relationship between nitric oxide & your blood

Get educated about a new, ground-breaking study performed at Ohio University Nanotechnology Labs that reveals nitric oxide’s secret life and what it may mean for the future of nitric oxide and you!

Meet your Host

Stanford Graham, JD

Stanford Graham, JD

Stanford Graham is an entrepreneur, athlete, lawyer and the founder/CEO of Elements for Athletes, LLC. He practiced law in Utah for over 23 years, and his creative and entrepreneurial pursuits have resulted in patents for innovative, nationally recognized learning products for children. Breaking the world record for the 50+ men’s mile run led him to launch Elements Meals in 2017. 

Self-taught in nutrition science, his innovative, freeze-dried Elements Meals have captured the attention and collaboration of leading academic research and technology teams, including the University of South Carolina, NASA sponsored lunar and Martian simulation missions, and leading companies such as Whole30, Spartan Races, RMI and the Belgian Special Forces. Obsessed and driven to make nutrient dense, whole food meals available to all, he is laser-focused on intersecting cutting-edge technologies with the highest quality whole foods to capture, preserve and deliver whole food solutions that support and amplify health. 

In 2020, he joined the executive team of Evolution Nutraceuticals, creating and accelerating Evolution’s marketing platforms for its revolutionary and scientifically proven nitric oxide supplement, CARDIO Miracle. He considers working with his long-time friend John Hewlett, Evolution’s founder/CEO and Cardio Miracle formulator, the chance of a lifetime.

Stanford holds degrees in philosophy, economics and Italian from Brigham Young University, and a Juris Doctorate from Villanova’s School of Law.